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    I do not hire lawyers to find out what can not be done, and for that they told me how to do what I want. JP Morgan

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    At the heart of every successful project is a benevolent attitude towards the customer

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    We always think several moves ahead

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    Effective solutions to complex problems

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    These opportunities lie where no one sees!

«B&C» Law Company

Known for its efficiency in dealing with complex legal issues, «B&C» Law Company certainly lives up to its successful reputation for a high level of professionalism.

First of all, this is evident in the ability to implement a strategy to protect its customers in all situations of conflict and litigation.

It is an individual approach, combined with a professional understanding of the legal business, allows the company to be successful, since its discovery.

In «B&C» Law Company believe that quality results achievable only with responsible attitude to the comprehensive protection of the interests of its customers and the optimal combination of financial and time aspects.



Garahonych Oleksandr


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(050) 550 42 26 

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Executive Director

Kuzhukh Maksym 


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(044) 581 79 56 - fax 

04211, Kyiv, Obolonska naberezhna, 7, Building 3, Оffice 2

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