Business protection

Having represented business interests of the largest companies in Ukraine for more than 10 years, «B&C» Law Company has gained extensive experience in the development of comprehensive solutions in corporate security aimed to identify, eliminate and prevent external and internal threats to our clients business in various industry sectors.

Company lawyers analyse the complex of factors which can threaten clients business. Due to the effective and practical specialists decisions in the corporate security, business of clients continues to operate with a confidence in the future.

We have vast expertise in various areas of business management and protection, knowledge of legislative and regulatory fields, representation of our clients in the most sophisticated corporate disputes, as well as on a number of successful projects in the field of corporate security.

«B&C» Law Company offers the following services:

  • corporate audit;
  • development and implementation of comprehensive corporate security structures;
  • relationswith regulatory authorities;
  • protection against hostile takeovers (raiding);
  • development of optimal constituent documents;
  • corporate fraud prevention and detection.

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