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From October 1, 2016, Ukraine has launched registration of new passports in the form of plastic cards for all citizens.

Registration of new passports promulgated by the Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine regarding the documents confirms the citizenship of Ukraine, of identity or her special status to liberalize the EU visa regime for Ukraine", promulgated on July 14, 2016. The main motivation is the introduction of new passports their protection against counterfeiting.

The new passport contains a contactless electronic media, which cannot be changed or copied. According to the law, passports will be issued to every citizen of Ukraine who has attained the age of 14. Persons under 18 years of age, the passport is made out of 4 years, and the rest - for 10 years. Mandatory replacement, as well as setting deadlines of previously issued documents, is not supposed to. Thus, the older generation, if desired, can indefinitely use passports as a booklet. However, the new old-style passports will no longer to issue.

New documents in the form of a plastic card will be issued with appeals of citizens about the loss, damage, change of surname, or if necessary to paste photos on reaching 25 or 45 years of age. The new document may be issued at the request of the person.

New passports will contain the number of the taxpayer registration card (identification code). It will be applied for a passport and graphically recorded in the electronic chip. Thus, the owners of these passports would be no need for paper certificates from the fiscal services. Read the information that is applied to the chip, it will be possible, even with today's smartphones. Stamp marriage will not.

Plastic passports will contain text in Ukrainian and English languages, a transliteration can be saved on previously issued documents. They will not make a mark on the registration of marriage, however, each of the spouses to issue marriage certificates. In order to avoid complications with the confirmation of the place of registration in the first few months, along with the new passport card at the request of the person issued an extract from the paper, you do not need to register to carry - he would be granted only in cases where it is necessary to document the place of registration. All data about the citizens contained in the paper will gradually be digitized and entered into the Unified State Registry of demographic. It is important that any access to personal data of the person will be recorded automatically and stored.

The owner of the personal data can get free information about whom, when and on what basis to view information about it in the Register. After the creation of electronic services the owners of these documents will receive substantial benefits. Digital signature, which will be recorded on the passport chip (only for persons under 18 years of age), will in future make use of a variety of electronic services, including to receive administrative services from the comfort of home.

The first 14-16 years of the document will be issued for free, everything else - for a fee. Citizens made only one payment - administration fee. The procedure for its calculation is defined by law as the sum of the blank value, personalization and administrative services. The new law stipulates that the payment cannot be more than 10% of the minimum wage (currently 145 UAH).

Print these documents will be at the production facilities of SE "Poligrafcombinat "Ukraine".



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