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The taxation

Accurate fiscal accounting and effective fiscal management are of key importance for success of any business. Working under the complicated, contradictory and dynamically changing Ukrainian laws it is important to be informed about all taxation novelties, recent practice of interpretation and application of tax provisions and to be aware of possibilities of tax optimization. One of the specialties of the "B&C"Law Company is the creation of businesses, the most favorable for the clients in terms of protecting the interests of beneficiaries and their assets, transparency, simplicity of management.

«B&C» Law Company offers the following services:

  • advise on corporate taxation in Ukraine;
  • advise on taxation of foreign representative offices;
  • advise on taxation of individuals, including foreigners in Ukraine and abroad;
  • advise on taxation of international transactions and transactions with non-residents, including currency regulation and control;
  • interpretation and practical application of international double taxation treaties;
  • analysis of contractual execution of single transactions and business schemes for clients, audit of fiscal accounting on economic transaction in order to reveal and to mitigate possible tax risks;
  • consultations on the business re-structuring, including optimum tax consequences;
  • advise on contractual and corporate business structuring and restructuring for purposes of tax optimization;
  • representation of clients in relations with tax authorities, including by obtaining individual tax consultations;
  • legal support by inspections of supervisory authorities, appeal against their illegal actions;
  • maintenance operations refund of value added tax;
  • legal support by administrative or court appeal against decisions or actions of tax authorities;
  • representation of clients’ interests before courts of all instances;
  • legal support of the execution of judicial decisions.

The firm has been successful in numerous litigations with the tax authorities. We understand countless nuances in tax legislation and have saved hundreds of millions of UAH for our clients. The government wants to pay you as much as possible? But we know that it will not be.



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