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Restructuring and Bankruptcy

In a market economy the flow of capital to the most profitable areas of business is an objective and natural process. This leads to redistribution of property from ineffective business entities to those that are more successful and efficient. With a sharp drop in demand for goods and services, mass defaults on credit agreements and appreciation of loan funds, some investors, owners or company managers find themselves in need of business reorganization, reallocation of investment funds or sometimes even termination of a business.

«B&C» Law Company has one of the most experienced and effective legal teams in Ukraine providing services on issues of corporate and financial restructuring. Our lawyers support the complex procedures of bankruptcy and asset restructuring for different types of companies from the most active sectors of the economy. To effectively support restructuring projects we enlist experts to the working group whose competencies meet the needs of the client in related legal matters such as: resolution of court disputes, financial aspects and securities, taxation, labour law, mergers and acquisitions.

«B&C» Law Company offers the following services:

  • negotiations on restructuring;
  • conducting a legal audit as a preparatory stage for debt restructuring;
  • restructuring of companies;
  • restructuring of debt obligations;
  • analyzing a company’s financial standing and providing recommendations on the most appropriate options for liquidation, either by way of non-judicial procedure or through bankruptcy proceedings;
  • advising on Ukrainian legislation in the field of bankruptcy and its practical enforcement;
  • support to customers in litigations related to bankruptcy and insolvency;
  • providing services of highly-qualified trustees in bankruptcy (receivers, rehabilitation managers, liquidators);
  • turn key solutions for bankruptcy procedures;
  • selling a bankrupt’s assets;
  • developing and implementing a scheme for a company’s protection from hostile takeovers.



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